Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hey, all. Ashley and I are going to make a real effort to get this blog going. We sure don't post as often as a lot of people do. Still, we think that no matter how much we post, any posts would be worth having.

As far as updates go. Ashley and I are both enjoying our summer. I'm still working about 20 hours a week for the paint crew. It's not nearly as enjoyable as my job delivering food, but it's not bad. I also really enjoy having more time with Ashley. I am also taking a Stats class online from USU. I need it before I can take a psych class this fall. When I met with my Advisor down in Pocatello, she managed to convince me not to go into the Masters of Counseling program. If I tried to head down that route, I would have three years of undergrad work left. Then the program is two more full-time years--two very intense years. Since I'm planning on continuing going only half-time, that would be at least three more years. MA Counseling=6 years until I get a paycheck. On the other hand, if I was to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology, I'd only need two years of undergrad work. Even though the PhD program is 5 years, the last year is a paid internship. PhD in Clinical Psych=6 years until I get a paycheck. So far: sixes. Then she said that the PhD program offers a bunch of Graduate Teaching Assistantships. These pay full tuition and 12 k a year. Point:PhD Then she told me that with a MA in counseling I would start between 30 and 40 k per year and max out around 50 or 60k. With a PhD I would start at a minimum of 50k and average about 70k with the possibility of making six figures. Match, game, and set--or however that saying goes. So I'm working toward the PhD in Clinical Psych. Same general career field, better options.

Ashley is in the middle of making a jean quilt, four photobooking projects, and babysitting for friends as much as she can.

And for the big news, we have officially started the process of becoming licensed Foster Parents. That will probably take until about October, and then we could have a child anywhere from infant to 10 yrs. living with us. We're not going into this as a route to adoption, although if the circumstances were right, we would definitely consider it.

Anyway that's our life in a nutshell.


  1. Glad to see you are up and running. Sounds like you are both keeping busy. Hope you have time to do some 'fun' summer things too. Good Luck with the Foster parent thing. Take care and keep us posted

  2. Howdy howdy! Hope to hear from you. Missed you as a missionary and I am sure your a dude off the mission as well. Let's catch up with things!